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Pink eye is the popular name for conjunctivitis, an inflammation of the clear membrane at the front of the eye. One of the main signs that you have an inflammation is redness, so pink eye is an easy way to see that you have an inflammatory process going on that is affecting the eye.
Inflammation is the natural process of the body responding to an injury. So inflammation can result from an injury or blow to the eye or from exposure to microorganisms, abrasive or harmful chemicals, fumes or dust.
Inflammation can also be caused as part of an allergic response. In that case, pink eye would be a sign that you have allergic conjunctivitis.

Remedies for Pink Eye

The remedies will depend on how the injury occurred. If you have suffered a blow to the head or some other trauma it is essential to get by a Doctor to examine you to rule out serious injury. In case of allergic conjunctivitis natural remedies are available that you can follow at home.
The first and best cure is to remove the cause of the inflammation. If there has not been any trauma to the eye then it is likely to be either a viral or bacterial infection or allergic. In the case of infection your Physician or Herbalist can advise further. For allergic conjunctivitis or pink eye using some anti-inflammatory food supplements may help.

In all cases you may want to use a cool compress to give some relief. A clean cloth soaked in cool water and laid across the affected eye may give a surprising amount of soothing relief. The material may be replaced with another one every few minutes.
If you usually wear contact lenses, it’s important to get them checked before you use them again. They could be the cause of allergic pink eye and perhaps or bacterial pink eye too.
Now that we’ve checked through some of the possibly aggravating factors let’s look at some natural remedies. Compresses have been mentioned already, and you can use a compress along with a cool preparation of Chamomile or Elderberry. Of course, you can make hot teas from either of these herbs and drinking these will help too.
Looking into vitamin therapy for pink eye. Remember that it is an inflammation, so vitamins C and E are of primary importance. If you are not usually taking these then using a daily supplement of these powerful anti-inflammatory vitamins in addition to a multivitamin may well be helpful.
Lastly, if this lasts more than a few days or the pain increases get professional treatment. Home remedies for allergic Pink Eye are great, but they need to be used in the right circumstances.

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